Pain relief for: Sciatica, Fibromyalgia 
           TMJ, Migraine Headaches                  
Deep Tissue
Intense focused strokes with heavy pressure
Swedish /Relaxing
Gentle, gliding strokes with light to medium pressure
30 mins--$40
60 mins-$70
  90 mins--$110 
120 mins--$150
60 Min Couples massage -$170
Hot Stones or Cupping
Additional add on to any length of massage for additional $15

Prenatal Massage
Massage for the expectant mother past her 1st trimester

Lymphatic Massage
Gentle pressure used to move the waste fluids from the damaged areas.
1 Hr---$85

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage
(Walk all over me)
Deep tissue massage where therapist uses overhead bars for balance 
1 Hr --$85
90 Min --$125 

Hot Towels-Add on to any massage for additional $5

Ionic Detox Footbath......30 mins/ $20
The Bio-Cleanse Ionic Footbath stimulates and balances
the bio-energetic field of the body and facilitates better
organ function.  It works dramatically to detoxify the whole
body by removing toxins through the feet, which have
thousands of pores.  Recommended after a massage.

Initial Visit $50 (1 Hour)
Regular Visit $40 (30 Min)
Perfect pairing with massage

 Eurofacial and 40 min massage
***only available for first time clients***

Classic European Facial......40-50 min /$55
Customized and relaxing treatment to deep clean, exfoliate,
mask and hydrate the skin. Aromatherapy will soothe and invigorate
the senses while skin will appear brighter, smoother and healthier.
Anti-Aging Facial.....50 min/$58
All the benefits of the Euro Facial with the added use of high frequency
to stimulate cell function and tone the skin, as well as skin suctioning
 to plump and firm fine lines for reducing puffiness and sagging.
Decongestion Facial.....50 min/$58
All the benefits of the Euro Facial with deeper cleansing to remove stubborn blackheads, clogged pores or acne.  Organic Rose Hips and Min clay will draw out impurities followed by gentle extractions. 
Topped off with high frequency for anti-bacterial benefits.
Euro Peel Facial.....50 Min/$65
All the benefits of the Euro Facial combined with a peel in place of your mask. 
This facial is excellent for addressing dark spots, wrinkles and skin surface irregularities. 

Types of Peels:
Enzyme or LacticPeel for Normal, Dry or Sensitive
A milk derivative. Great for dry, mature, sensitive or Rosacea skin. 
Glycolic Peel for Normal, Oily or Dark Spots
Natural sugar cane derivative. 
Salicylic Peel for Oily, Acne, Deep lines and Dark Spots
A Beta Hydroxy Acid. Excellent for acne. Helps clear clogged pores and exfoliates oily areas.
Glycolic-Lactic Peel for combination skin

*Recommended to do a patch test prior to a peel*

Men's Face Scrub.....50 min/$55
Not frilly at all.  Men love this deep cleansing,
exfoliating, hydrating facial scrub with steam towels and massage. 
A clean shave is preferable prior to a facial.
The Boost Facial.....30 min/$35
For the person on-the-go. 
This facial treatment will give you the benefits
of any facial in half the time. 
Lunchtime Peel.....20 min/$30
Its called Lunchtime because you can easily grab one on your lunch break and go back to work without any down time.  This treatment is excellent for addressing a specific concern in a series of peels or simply for a quick pick-me-up.
Flip Facial.....30 min/$40
A facial for the back. Enjoy a deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment.  Enjoy a delicious brown sugar or organic lavender, cornmeal scrub on your back to slough away dead cells and smooth out those hard to reach places.
Facial Add on's
Brighten Up Eye Treat....$10
Add this luxurious eye treatment to soothe puffiness and wrinkling around the eye area with the application of the awakening herb, Eyebright, along with cucumber, green tea & chamomile extracts.  Applied during any facial treatment.

Manual Lymph Drainage...15 min/$20
Highly gentle facial massage excellent for sinuses, allergies, and swollen facial conditions to top off any facial.  
Extra Pampering.....15 min/$20
Extend your facial experience with additional scalp, hand and foot treatment.
Hand & Foot Facial.....15 min/$20
Add an exfoliating and super hydrating treatment to relieve dry and achy hands and feet.
Quick Makeup to Go.....$20
Head out of the spa in style and looking refreshed with a natural makeup application to send you on your way.

Products Used:
Control Corrective & Skin MD
Vitamins for the Skin & Body
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